Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


These are valid for three months from the date of production, unless Restaurant Associates withdraws the quotation, in writing, prior to written acceptance by the customer.

Confirmation and Payments for Events

The customer shall be required to pay the deposit equivalent to the total value of the venue hire at the time of confirmation. The final balance will be due for payment no later than 2 weeks prior to the event date to include forecasted consumption. Any additional consumption will require settlement in full on the day of the event by debit or credit card unless otherwise agreed. Events confirming within 14 days will be subject to 100% deposit. Should the customer fail to pay the deposit by this time, Restaurant Associates will be entitled to cancel the booking and charge the customer in accordance with the cancellation policy set out below. Please note there will be a 3% surcharge on payments made with a credit card. No surcharge will apply to payment by debit cards, cheque or BACS.

Third Party Arrangements

When an event is arranged on behalf of the customer by a third party, the event will remain provisional until the customer returns the signed contract, which also implies acceptance to pay the deposit and final invoice by that customer. The quotation is net; any commission payable to any third party must be added to the quotation. Commission is payable on food and beverage only at a maximum 8% when there is a pre-arranged agreement which has been confirmed in writing by Restaurant Associates and the third party which pertains to the event.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy tells you how Compass collects and processes your personal data through your provision of that data to us and use of any of our group websites, including any data you may provide when you sign up to a newsletter, purchase a product or service, take part in a survey or enter a competition.

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All drinks are sold on a sale or return basis and Restaurant Associates reserves the right to charge for all opened bottles, not withstanding the fact that they have not been consumed. All reasonable care will be taken not to open excessive amounts of pre-agreed bottles.

Room Hire

Any rooms or areas of The Clifton Pavilion made available to the customer are by agreement with Restaurant Associates to who’s Terms and Conditions of Hire the customer is subject. Unless otherwise stated to the contrary on the Event Agreement, charges quoted by Restaurant Associates to the customer are exclusive of the cost of any room hire charges and/or any entrance ticket charges payable to Restaurant Associates  pursuant to their Terms and Conditions of Hire.

The Gardens

Please respect Bristol Zoo Gardens may be running their own events during your event. Access into the Zoo grounds will cease at 7:30pm (for evening events only from April to September). For events taking place between October to March access into Bristol zoo Gardens will cease at 5.00pm.

Final numbers

All quotations relate to a specific number of guests and certain requirements, any changes to these will affect the overall price and the customer will be issued with a revised quotation. Final numbers and special dietary requirements for any event must be confirmed at least 14 days (Monday-Friday, excluding bank holidays) prior to the event date, or by such earlier date as Restaurant Associates may specify in the quotation. Should numbers increase after this time, the customer will be charged for each additional guest per head, for which a final quotation will be provided.


Restaurant Associates  reserves the right to substitute alternative food, drink or any other element of the booking if the items ordered cannot conveniently be obtained. Any alteration in price or content of a specific element will be notified to the customer immediately. Restaurant Associates  cannot be held responsible for any variations or alterations and has the right to increase the prices to reflect any increase in the cost of performing the event, which is beyond Restaurant Associates  control. In any such instance the customer may as soon as practicable on receipt of notice give notice in writing to renegotiate the provision of the specific element of the booking for which the cost has increased. The aforementioned right of the customer in no way gives it the right to cancel the booking.


All the prices in the quotation are current at the time of going to print, and are exclusive of VAT and other government taxes where stated. Restaurant Associates reserves the right to amend prices to take into account any changes in the rate of VAT or other taxes, and will inform the customer immediately.

Cancellation by Levy Restaurants

Restaurant Associates may cancel a booking without any liability being incurred whatsoever if:

  • The Clifton Pavilion is closed down due to events and circumstances beyond the control of Restaurant Associates such as fire, staff dispute or by order of public authority. In such circumstances any deposit paid will be refunded in full.
  • The Customer becomes insolvent or enters into liquidation/ receivership.
  • The Customer is in breach of any of the terms of this agreement.
  • Due to war, strikes, industrial action short of a strike, lockouts, accidents, fire, blockade, import or export embargo, ice, obstruction, natural catastrophes or other such events beyond Levy Restaurants control and is unable to perform its obligations to the customer, Restaurant Associates  will be under no liability to the customer for any loss or damage which may be incurred.

Cancellation by the Customer

All cancellations by the customer must be made in writing to Restaurant Associates at the Clifton Pavilion and formally acknowledged. Where the customer cancels the provisions of services, in addition to the loss of deposit the customer shall pay to Restaurant Associates  the following charges:

  • Deposit payment of the value of the venue hire non refundable.
  • Less than 2 weeks notice of cancellation: 100% of the estimated account to include the beverage allowance.
  • Less than 4 weeks before function date: 80% of the estimated account to include the beverage allowance.
  • Between 4 weeks and 12 weeks before the event: 50% of the estimated account to include the beverage allowance.
  • Between 24 weeks and 12 weeks before the event: 20% of the estimated account to include the beverage allowance.


The customer shall be deemed responsible for the conduct of guests and any support suppliers appointed by the customer and to ensure that no damage is caused to the building, its fittings and fixtures. The customer shall be liable to reimburse Restaurant Associates for any costs for repairs and replacements at The Clifton Pavilion.